Jason Levine Jr.

About Myself

My name is Jason Levine Jr., and I'm a recent graduate of the Graphic Design program at Drexel University.

As a designer, I try to realize the dreams and ideas of others, or foster my own. Good design can essentially customize the world around you, and that's what fascinates me so much about it.

Changing the way you think with just a few words or images - that kind of power is not one to take lightly. I remember being told of the "hidden" arrow just between the "E" and "x" in FedEx's logo, and I could never see it the same way again.

As an artist I try to draw what interests me and either tell a story or catch the eye. Nothing too fancy or world-changing, just something nice to enjoy for a time. If you liked what I drew enough to look at it for a while, then I've done my job. If it gave you something to think about or a new outlook on life even moreso.

As much as possible, I try to do that through my work. Not necessarily anything life-altering, but something that grabs your attention and makes you think, if only for a second or two. Will they change their outlook on life, or will they simply get your product's name stuck in their head? I can never say for certain, but it's interesting to be a part of that thought.

I can't claim to be the best in my field (no one truly can) but I know that I will try to make my designs customize the world - mine, or yours. So hire me, if you will!

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