My Portfolio

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Motion Graphics Demo Reel

I have my Motion Graphics Demo Reel on Vimeo.

Senior Thesis

Also, here's my Senior Thesis Motion Graphics Project.

Art Deco Program Cover Wedding Invitation Transit App Ad Candy Packaging Mockup Twitch Offline Final CHW Logo USA Vets Logo Design Old Spice Ad Senior Thesis Project Preview Annual Summary Inside Panel Joy Obituary Maneuver Magazine Cover Maneuver Magazine Spread Maneuver Logo Statistic Word Logo Fan IQ Landing Pages and Icons More Icon Designs ColdPlay Tour Page Sunny side Down Website Mock-Up Home Sunny Side Down Website Mock-Up Sub Page Social Media Flyer Magic the Gathering Token Cards Logo Artwork

Here are some of the illustrations I've made over the years.

Mercy Poster Kirby Metaknight and King Dedede Annie Frog Squire Concept Art Frog Knight Concept Art Beach Dog Phalanx Cover Art Undertale Remix Album Art Princess Shantae Group Dog with City Illustration Megan Keytar Dog Celestial Joy TReasure Design Night Stream Album Cover Stanley Whitefin Illustration Sir Slash-A-Lot The Cave Monster Pg. 3 The Cave Monster Pg. 7 Self Portrait Iron Giant Movie Poster